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Spring Point’s Employee Value Proposition

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through improving the way they work.

This doesn’t stop with our clients – we practise what we preach. So, it’s no surprise that the way we work and our culture are what we’re most proud of here at Spring Point.

We have a strong culture of transparency, accountability, knowledge sharing, collaboration and an emphasis on professional development.

We’re authentic, approachable, humble, passionate, determined, creative, thought leaders, systematic, pragmatic and fun.

As well as working in an outstanding culture, there are so many benefits of being part of Spring Point.

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The inception of Spring Point roused some core philosophies and principles that underpin our purpose and how we go about our work. This is the second of three blogs exploring these foundation beliefs, which I hope resonate and extend beyond the context in which we operate. In April, I explored ‘Work-Life Osmosis’; a re-imagining of the relationship between work and life. Here I’ve considered the ‘Optimism Reality Loop’.

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Our first Talking Point Breakfast event was held on Tuesday 24th July. On a chilly Melbourne winter morning, Spring Point was joined by a host of experienced professionals to discuss the alignment of purpose, brand & culture. If you missed the event, you can watch a video of it here.

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After founding and leading a people advisory firm, Curve Group for the past decade, I’ve recently ‘rebooted’ to lead Spring Point, a purpose driven team, committed to connecting business strategy and human potential. Our intent is to change the way we work to improve the way we live. This post, and my next two, are reflections (and projections!) that sprang from creating this ‘2.0’ business; and they serve as a philosophy and the principles for much of our work here at Spring Point. I hope they resonate in some way.

change the way we work, improve the way we live. Work equals life.

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