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Getting Back to Work – Post COVID

At our recent Talking Point breakfast, we explored two questions:

Does getting back to workplaces matter and if so, why?

If returning to the workplace does matter, how do we get that to happen?

Here's what our research tells us.

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Our Latest Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is your guide to Survive and Thrive with a free discussion series, white paper and other tools to support your business through this period. 

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Survive and Thrive Whitepaper

As a consulting firm we support the world's best companies to develop culture, leadership and capability solutions to enable strategy execution. Never before have these organisational attributes been so critical to an organisation’s ability to survive and thrive, recognising that great change is always accompanied by real hardship, and opportunity.

With information and opinions abound, we sought to clarify what history and evidence reveals as the critical considerations for organisations seeking to not only survive, but to be prepared to thrive when volume and activity returns. This article distills our insights from research and evidence, and summarises key areas that our progressive clients are investing in now to ensure they can continue to be market leaders for the clients, consumers and communities they support.

Check out our Spring Point Survive and Thrive Report below and get in touch to find out more.

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A Year In Review – 2018

And what a year it has been!
Since our launch in March, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many fantastic clients on some innovative and exciting projects. To say thank you and to reflect on our first year of operations, we have a collection of some of the projects we’ve worked on with you.


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Talking Point: Culture and Capability Change at Scale – What Works?

A huge thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us at our final Talking Point breakfast for 2018: 'Culture and Capability Change at Scale: What Works?' It’s been an exciting year and we’re even more excited for what lies ahead! If you missed out we've captured everything on video below.

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