When a new staff member joins the Spring Point Team as a contractor, permamant staff or even as a student on placement; we always ask them a standard set of very important questions. We do this because it's hard starting a new role in a new company and we want to find out a little more about the new person, but it's mainly to break the ice.

We recently had Ben Jepsen start with us. We are excited to host him for his first placement as part of the Masters Psychology (Organisational) from Deakin University. Here's what he had to say in response to our tricky questions...

1. Dog or Cat? Dog person born and raised, but I love cats. 

2. Steak or Sushi? Steak. 

3. Summer or Autumn? Summer

4. Favourite Footy team: Sydney Swans (or Richmond, still deciding). 

5. Favourite Treat: Banana lollies (Spring Point: Interesting!)

6. Favourite Country: France — love the culture, cities, people, and language.

7. Favourite TV show: Stranger Things.

8. Favourite Movie: I, Robot with Will Smith. 

9. Who or what inspires you? My friends and family around me that accomplish great things and also encourage me to improve.

10. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Roughly 8 alarms and knowing that each day is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself compared to the day before.

7. What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? Catching up with an old friend or family members.

8. Three words to describe yourself. Open-minded, honest, inclusive.