By Spring Point
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An ongoing commitment to exceptional service, increased competition, limited growth due to market pressures, and declines in work accident rates and motor vehicle deaths, all contributed to the CFO of a well known Australian law firm calling out client experience as the firm’s number one strategic priority.

Executing against this priority involved a range of initiatives including simplifying and enhancing the client intake process but most importantly, and where we came in, was the building the capability of lawyers to quickly develop trusting relationships with prospective clients.

After designing and piloting client intake training in-house, Spring Point was engaged to reimagine the approach, to ensure that it was highly engaging and aligned to the diverse learning needs of a national workforce.

Fun and Interactive "Blended Out" Solution

Key to our approach was ‘blending out’ the solution from a once-off training event, to a multi-faceted experience including workshops with video-based learning primers and on-the-job support tools.

The face-to-face training was redesigned to be applicable to all lawyers to support implementation at scale.

Rather than a lecture or presentation format, this redesign was an opportunity to incorporate a greater level of interactivity through small group activities, case studies, scenarios, games and reflective exercises underpinned by clear learning goals. This medley of approaches was used to bring the content to life, namely developing rapport and trust, and meeting client needs throughout the intake process.

For Lawyers, by Lawyers

To ensure the credibility of the training, we partnered closely with practice leads throughout the redesign and created opportunities for workshops to be facilitated by senior lawyers. This provided a valuable avenue for well-respected lawyers to actively share their knowledge and experience with more junior staff, through storytelling and coaching.  

We worked with the client to develop ‘Vox Pop’ style video capturing tips and strategies for developing trust from some of the firm’s most respected lawyers in order to capitalise on and share internal expertise.

Interviews were conducted with subject matter experts and state-based leads to design customised quick reference guides to account for different content in line with local and /or practice-based nuances regarding scheme structure and the provision of advice.

What does the solution actually look like?

  • Training delivered in all offices, across the country within a short timeframe, co-facilitated by senior lawyers
  • Detailed facilitator guides and facilitation skill boosters to equip the internal delivery team to successfully implement the solution ongoing
  • Engaging videos that can be repurposed to support lawyer induction and training refreshers
  • A streamlined and cohesive approach to client intake, informed by greater understanding of the process similarities and differences for the various states and practice groups
  • Successful test case to promote the role of leader-led learning in staff development.