A quick outline of the things that stood out to me at the ATD 2018 Conference.
Too many to count, but here's 10!


1. Barack Obama's keynote. "If we let our values slip in a moment of convenience, we pay for it later"

2. Jack Zenger's Mass Producing Extraordinary Leaders: "Practice the concept of 'herd immunity' to achieve impact at scale"

3. Rebecca Ray and Evan Sinar, PhD's Data From More Than 25,000 Leaders Reveals Why Digital Transformation Fails: "Leaders get that competencies like leading with digitisation, driving execution and integration are important; their blindspot is that hyper-collaboration, connectivity and empathy are also critical"

4. Brandon Carson's Learning in the Age of Immediacy: How the Digital Transformation Transforms Training. "For L&D to add value you need business, technological and learning acumen. One or two is not enough - you need all three"

5. Anders Gronstedt's From Immersion to Presence: How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Revolutionising Learning. "VR may be the ultimate training machine. If you train as you will work, you will work as you have trained".


1. Marcus Buckingham's keynote on strengths, love and work. Use strengths replays and high priority interrupts at a ratio of 5:1 to help others "find and cultivate intelligently their left foot".

2. Laurie Burruss' session The Art and Science of Failure: Learning to Fail Forward. Not all failures are created equal - they exist on a spectrum from preventable to intelligent. The failures you want to embrace result from exploration and hypothesis testing not lack of care or attention.

3. JD Dillon, Diane Elkins, @Stephen Meyer and Shannon Tipton's panel discussion. Microlearning should match the simplicity of other digital experiences in daily life. Take a workflow approach and "put it where they will trip over it".

4. @Ian Cook's How AI and Machine Learning Will Support Learning and Talent Development Decision Making. "The algorithm did it" is not an excuse. Using AI to make decisions still demands human accountability for their implications. 

5. @Cristina Hall and John R. Mattox, II, Ph.D.'s When L&D Talks, the C-Suite Listens. Take control of the narrative by adopting an Asset Manager mindset so you know where you are investing and use a framework to support ongoing dialogue.